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The Full Picture

Throughout my life, I’ve been exposed to a variety of movies and performances, which inspired me to pursue a career in the film industry. My work ethic and love for the visual arts motivates me as a student, and pushes me to constantly develop my storytelling voice.

I’m a curious and innovative film school student, and am currently working on some fascinating projects. Get in touch to learn more about my work, or if you’d be interested in collaborating together in the future.

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Professional History

Skills & Expertise

Have a look at my past experience in the world of visual arts. Every project I’ve participated in has led up to my decision to attend film school. Since starting out as a film student, I’ve been exposed to a myriad of talented people as well as opportunities to take on new and exciting productions. For references or more information about my past work, please get in touch today.

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If College Was A Girl

July 31, 2021

Kenny B Network

Written & Directed by Braxton Lee

Executive Producer | Kenneth "Kenny B" Butler

Producer | Gabrielle Dixon

SGA Film Festival President's Choice Award

The Cobb International Film Festival

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What's In My Bag

December 8, 2022


Rebecca Napier

Maddy Leaver

Lorelei Morgan-MacFarlane

Editor | Amy Phillips

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Sleep Walk

April 24, 2023


Napier Film

Trash Panda

February 27, 2024

Director | Becca Napier

Cameraman | Dylan Baxter


Eli Briselden-Bayuk & Noah Jucht

Animation & Crew

Macy Look

Elizabeth Lo

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