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Everyday Happiness




Boulder, CO

Artist Statement
This project is my final for a class. I decided to capture things in my everyday life that make me happy. I decided to go with small series within the entire project. The editing of these photos are much different than what I have done before, but I think it really fits the vibe of the whole project. This project was actually a midterm turned final for a class that I am in. My teacher commented saying that I could push myself further in this work. While that is true and I would have loved to do some experimental / avant garde, I decided to do something real and meaningful to me. These photos are not the prettiest, the rawest, the most experimental. They are not ones from an editorial magazine or National Geographic but I am not trying to be. I want people who have been in my situation or people going through a similar situation to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. For those who do not know, I was extremely lucky to get the photos that I did in one single day. The original goal was to shoot over the course of multiple days to get different perspectives of everyday happiness. But I was stuck in a very controlling roommate situation. I was stuck living with someone who was engaged, so her fiancé was always over. Nearly everything in the common area was hers. I could hardly have the place to myself to invite friends over. She would always ask where I was going, who I was hanging out with, when I was dating; why am I spending so much time with my SO. It was like living with an overbearing mother. It was not healthy and I was honestly sad to go home everyday and knowing that I would have to be confined to my room in order to avoid her. These photos were shot in a single day and when I tell you I got so lucky that she was not there, it was honestly a happy day for me. Since this project, I got to move into my OWN apartment and I have never been happier.

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